2010 : A look ahead at the Cloud Computing Opportunities

December 31, 2009

During the last year, I have spent quite a bit of time on Cloud Computing in general and specifically on the Windows Azure Platform. So I thought, I would share with you, my humble 2010 predictions related to Cloud Computing.

  • Cloud Computing Services Revenue – Leading System Integrators could see up to 10% of their revenue coming from cloud based services, by the end of 2010. System Integrators with an App/Dev focus should invest in the building competency around cloud based application development. For instance:  invest in developing expertise on cloud application development platforms such as Azure, evaluate how their existing product/offerings can leverage the cloud and  understand the new business models enabled by the cloud.
  • Small and Medium Businesses (SMBs)– Another interesting opportunity for the SIs is to bring the benefits of the cloud to the SMB space. Unlike the common perception that  cloud computing is mainly for large, elastic workloads, I think there is a real opportunity for SMBs to leverage the benefits of the cloud. For the  first time, cloud platforms enable SMBs to take advantage of enterprise functions such as workflow, BPM, CRM etc. at a price point that is approachable to them. This is an opportunity not only for the SMBs to make their businesses more agile, but also for  SIs to build competency on cloud computing (since the work with SMBs will allow them to start small and gradually build their expertise)
  •  No Letup in the Pace of Innovation by Cloud Providers -  In the past year, there were a staggering  number of changes to the Windows Azure Platform alone (other platforms were no different). Starting with the full relational based storage, support for Java/Python, ability to choose from different type of compute instances, market place for data and more. We can expect this trend to continue in 2010, which is why, it is key for SIs to invest in constantly keeping up with these fast paced innovations. 

Happy New Year!

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