Why #PaaS adoption will continue to grow?

January 16, 2017

David Linthicum in his blog post argues that PaaS adoption is not where it was initially predicted to be, and now it may be too late for PaaS. I respectfully disagree. Here is why:

  • I have previously written about the benefits PaaS – Features like OS patching, auto healing from hardware and software failures and ability to leverage PaaS building blocks (database as  service, cache as service, identity as a service) continue to be relevant.

Customers are finding that a pure IaaS based lift-n-shift to the cloud is a step in the             right direction, but in the end, many of the core problems experienced on-premises,             remain unresolved. Which is why customers are looking to undertake  “just                               enough” refactoring during a lift-n-shift by moving from a pure compute / VMs  to               a Cloud Services approach.

  • David alludes to strong tools IaaS from AWS and Azure grabbing all the attention. In fact, IaaS tools are moving towards PaaS. One of the most important IaaS tool on Azure is VM Scale Sets – Provide it single VM image as input and you can get a auto-scaled cluster.
  • David talks about developers being confined in a PaaS sandbox. He cites Heroku and Oracle cloud as examples. Once again PaaS platforms have quickly evolved to offer a wide array of choices. Consider one of the popular PaaS service on Azure – Azure App Service – it offers first class support for ASP.NET, Node, Java, PHP, Python (even PowerShell). You can even bring your own Docker image to App Service.
  • David talks about IaaS as a better fit for DevOps (versus PaaS). Once again, PaaS platform like App Service already have built-in DevOps toolchain hooks for CI/ CD, deployment slots, monitoring, testing in production. App Service can be deployed to a customer’s cluster allowing customers to marry PaaS with hybrid / on-premises. Furthermore, PaaS service like Azure Service Fabric can be deployed in Azure, on-premises or even in AWS.
  • PaaS is going to be even more important as cloud usage bill continues to rise. Organizations are realizing that they are typically using a very small percentage of the CPU capacity that they are paying for. This is where high density deployment offered by PaaS comes in.


So while it has taken longer than expected, the popularity of PaaS is rising and not waning, IMHO.


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